Seats 40 (Fourty)

                  Optometry is a primary health care profession specifically recognized all around the world which encompasses the prevention and remediation of disorder of the vision system through examination, diagnosis, treatment, management of the visual efficiency, eye health as well as the recognition and diagnosis of related systemic manifestation of all of which are designed to preserve and enhance the quality of our life and environment.

                  In India there are a large number of persons without any specific training about the eye. They are prescribing and dispensing spectacles as business, which is illegal and it is a penal offence. The Object of this course is to develop manpower, which could be pregame of visual impairment and control of blindness, as well as to fulfill the need of human beings and to Government services, Semi Government services, private hospitals, Private Practitioners, Optician shops, to open factory of frames, lenses, Ophthalmic materials, and also to open an eye clinic in collaboration with an Ophthalmologist and work as an assistant. 


                  Optometrist is an important person in the field of visual science, who can relieve the highly qualified surgeons as pre assessment before surgery and post assessment after surgery. An eye-surgeon needs the help of an optometrist for all – important work as refraction, ophthalmic exercises, hygiene of eye, orthotic exercise etc. And reduce the work of eye surgeon thus a personnel who knows all about the care of eye, as:- 

            An optometrist can check the eye for visual defect.

            Testing to discover if different lenses are needed for reading.

            Examining the inside of your eye to ensure its health.

            Examining the front of the eye.

            Checking the pressure of your eye is important, if glaucoma is suspected.

            The field vision, so vital to drivers, must be checked.

            Color vision may also be checked.

            Secure in the knowledge that your eyes are healthy and vision is good.

There will be two examinations at the end of 1st and 2nd year, by State Medical Faculty, Govt. of U.P.  which will be conducted in the following manner:


First paper:               Anatomy &Physiology of eye                      

Second paper:           Physical &Physiological Optics                                                                      

Third paper:              Practical & viva-voice Optics & practical Optical Examination,                                                    Anatomy, Physiology                                                                                           



First paper:               diseases of eye, drugs, diagnostic instrument

Second Paper:           mechanical Optics & Ophthalmic Lenses

Third Paper:             Practical and Viva voice refraction, mechanical optics & eye diseases.