Our Physiotherapy unit

Seats 30 (Thirty)

            Physiotherapy is the treatment and prevention of injury and disease by natural means. Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a health care profession concerned with the assessment, maintenance and restoration of the physical functions and performance of the body. It is a distinct form of care which can be performed both in isolation and in conjunction with certain medical or surgical techniques. Physiotherapy can complement these techniques to help, provide a speedy and complication free return to normal activity. The aim of physiotherapy is to help alleviate pain, restore normal movement and function patterns and help return the body to its natural balanced state without chemical intervention.

            There are about 205 million people who are neurologically and physically disabled or handicapped in the state of U.P. but the number of trained or qualified physiotherapist are much less in number. This show how important is the course in physiotherapy and the prospects for future physiotherapists.

                Rehabilitation services are expanding very sharply in the government sector especially in the rural areas. One post of a physiotherapist in every district hospital has already been created. Physiotherapists are much needed also in community health centers (CHC) besides in private hospitals and nursing homes. Physiotherapists are required entirely as super specialty paramedical branch of treatment which still lack of qualified personnels.

First Year





Nursing Techniques & first aid


Massage and Movements

Kinesiology and Physiotherapeutic


Spoken English

Second Year

Applied Anatomy


Administration profession, ethics and department management.

Medical & Surgical conditions


Personality Development